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Importance of Artificial Intelligence for Social Media


Artificial Intelligence in social media platforms has the potential to completely transform the way in which brands market their product and services across different social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. AI enables the automation of various tasks pertaining to social media management. Based on its growing usage, it is estimated that the use of AI in social media is said to exponentially increase from $633 million in the year 2018 to over $2.1 billion by 2023.

Artificial Intelligence in social media platforms

Let us first get a brief understanding of what artificial intelligence is before diving deep into its pros and cons and how it has benefited brands through social media integration.

A definition of artificial intelligence given by Demis Hassabis (CEO of DeepMind) states that artificial intelligence is the “science of making machines smart.” The idea is that we teach and program machines to behave like humans, providing them with the ability to listen, speak, write and move, among many other features as well. AI is found in our daily lives in the form of voice assist and real-time navigation etc. OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon use AI to create custom content recommendations for each viewer based on multiple factors. AI is found in email, where sentences of your email content are suggested automatically; all of these are powered by artificial intelligence.

Most of AI’s computing capabilities are powered by a subset of AI known as machine learning. The technology works by enabling machine systems to accurately make predictions based on big data sets. It is after this that the smartest artificial intelligence tools improve the level of accuracy of their predictions over a period of time using deep and machine learning. Therefore, this can be summed up as a basic understanding of AI. Moving forward, we will look into AI’s use in social media.

The Use of AI in Social Media

AI is one of the key components integrated into our everyday social networking apps. LinkedIn AI works to recommend jobs offers, suggestion of suitable connects as well as serving relatable and useful posts in your feed. On the other hand, Facebook’s advanced machine learning to serve content on your feed, facial recognition on your photos to target app users with advertising. Similarly, Facebook-owned app Instagram uses AI to identify different visuals.

These are some of the few instances where AI operates in the background to power features on your favourite social media apps.

Now let us look at the popular ways social media marketers can use Artificial Learning, machine learning as well as intelligent automation technologies.

• Social Creation and Social Management
Marketers spend lots of time developing content for social media and then managing its distribution as well as its engagement across various channels. Traditional social media management tools assist with this, along with scheduling and monitoring. But artificial intelligence tools take it a step further.
Today AI tools are used to automate processes, such as generating content across various social media channels, automatic inclusion of hashtags and links. Overall, AI tools are capable of handling these tasks in just a few minutes.

• Intelligence and Listening
AI-powered social monitoring, and listening tool can provide detailed insights about your brand’s social media profile and its audience. This involves the use of AI’s power to analyse social media data at scale and extracting information based on these data.

• Advertising through social media
Almost every social media platform enables marketers to run paid advertisements for platform users. Today AI tools are capable of writing Instagram and Facebook ads on their own for you. The ads are created based on various factors and are optimized for conversions and clicks.

• Finding the right influencer
The right social influencer can put your brand on the map. To do so efficiently, AI is here to assist you. AI influencer research platform analyses multiple social media analytics to better understand which social accounts can provide higher engagement, influence, reach for specific industries.

Therefore AI in social media has advanced to the point where human errors and tasks are overcome with ease. Automation through AI on social media has helped brands streamline their processes, helping them focus on formulating businesses strategies rather than worrying about carrying out the processes. In order to stand out from the competition and achieve efficiency and effectiveness in your workflow, incorporating AI tools is a must.