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Multimedia Marketing – The role of digitization

Multimedia marketing is simply the use of different mediums to reach potential customers and create brand awareness and recognition. The forms of multimedia marketing vary from using traditional approaches such as radio and newspaper to modern-day approaches of marketing through social media, video, photo, direct emails, and many more. The content businesses choose to display through multimedia marketing play a key role in the impact it creates on the audience. It is also important to note the choice of medium used to reach out to the market.

We live in the modern era of digitization, where every form of information is made available easily at the tip of your finger. Businesses have realized the role of technology and have extended their presence on various platforms to reach as many people as possible. From creative advertisements on television to reaching out to social media influencers for product endorsements and reviews, the scope for marketing has certainly broadened today. According to a survey conducted by Phew Research center in 2012, it was observed that 62% of adults in the US used smartphones to obtain information pertaining to purchasing decisions; this was ten years ago. Now in 2021, over 294.15 Million users of smartphones in the US stay connected, which consists of 85% of the US adults, which, when put into perspective, shows the sheer scale of opportunity marketers have to reach a larger audience.

What we choose to showcase as business is based on certain key factors that needs to be taken into consideration before taking up marketing decisions.

  • Know your prospects
  • Know the right way to use your choice of media
  • Ensure senior management support
  • Maintain Brand Handbook
  • Objectives need to be clearly communicated
  • Customer-focused
  • Test before implementation

It is extremely vital to understand who your potential customers or target market are. This information will help you decide the appropriate marketing medium and content to be used to make a positive – lasting impression on such customers.

Once you have a grip on who your potential customer or target audience is, then the next step would be to adopt the appropriate medium of marketing. The Multimedia approach still stands beneficial as it ensures a broader scope of reach.

For any process or idea to succeed, it does require complete support from the respective senior management. When you as a business fully believe and trust your idea, it is only then that there is a greater chance for it to make the intended impact.

When you have all the above aspects in place, the one thing that ensures quality is consistency. Developing and maintaining a handbook can help achieve visual standards in terms of maintaining the right colors, correct logo, etc.

Be it one form of marketing medium or multiple forms, the clarity of communication needs to be consistent across all mediums. The information showcased through visual graphics, be it video or photo, must communicate the intended message.

Customer is who you cater to; the different age categories, ethnic group, regions, etc., are all we cater to as a business. Therefore, understanding the customer and being culturally aware is important while developing marketing approaches.

Testing is the last phase of the process but equally vital to ensure a perfect end result. Testing out your Multimedia marketing campaign helps you discover the right communication mix.

From the newspaper, television to social media, the importance of visual content has increased vastly. Producing creative content helps improve market indulgence and favors brands in terms of making a positive mark. With developments in digital technology and innovation in visual graphics, brands across the globe have adopted CGI and 3D technology to showcase ultra-realistic imagery and video content that reflects their business in its best shade.

In order to get your hands on top-notch marketing content, you will need to collaborate with experienced Imaging solutions providers. Pikspire, with its team of skilled designers, incorporate their years of experience and skills in creating immersive visual content that matches your marketing objectives. They specialize in developing digital content that is optimized for multimedia use. The hassle and challenges of multimedia marketing made easier on you.