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The Ecommerce Revolution

Step aside traditional form of retail, Ecommerce is here to take over the market! YES, today is all about Ecommerce and how it has revolutionized the retail industry. We are thriving in the digital era, where technology plays a vital role in our daily life. The shopping experience for consumers has vastly evolved from walking into stores to now browsing on handheld devices to make their purchases. Making it interactive, immersive, and easy to access is the goal of every Ecommerce trader.

Ecommerce has become a highly competitive space, with larger brands expanding their presence online and offering a range of services to attract and indulge consumers on their platforms. With the modern -day crisis of Covid19 pandemic, many businesses have chosen to go online and create Ecommerce platforms for their business to continue catering to their consumer base. The United States has observed a 44 percent increase in consumer spending with Ecommerce merchants in the year 2020. This triple-fold increase in sales over the last year and growing demand to go online (Ecommerce platforms) has encouraged sellers to stay far ahead of their competition by adopting creative and immersive content on their respective Ecommerce platforms to maximize consumer engagement.

Going online or adopting an Ecommerce presence provides a host of exciting opportunities and benefits for both sellers as well as consumers.

Ecommerce platforms have signified the need for high quality imagery that appeals to the viewer and helps convert into a sale.

  • The time spent buying a product is reduced on Ecommerce platforms. Consumers need not indulge an excessive amount of time in searching for the right product; Ecommerce makes accessibility easier and faster.
  • Various Ecommerce platforms offer customization features. A hands-on experience for customers is critical as it provides them a sense of product personalization.
  • Customers have the opportunity to compare prices and other offerings between different brands on Ecommerce platforms.
  • The scope for Ecommerce sales is also wider, where Internet access is available, a customer from any part of the world can make a purchase.
  • Cost is significantly reduced for sellers when they chose to go online. The expenses incurred in holding and displaying physical inventory are minimized. Sellers look for a lean and effective approach in running their businesses and Ecommerce is one such way to go about.

These are some of the many benefits observed in the Ecommerce space. To keep customers coming back for more and to help make their shopping experience exciting and meaningful, sellers are now looking at all possible technological integrations that can enable the same. In the world of Digital Technology and High-end Photo editing and manipulation, the focus is to create realistic product renders and to also make them interactive.

Creative avenues that help improve customer experience and overall sales.

Computer-Generated Imagery and 3D visualization is one of the most creative approaches to showcasing products online. Its basic psychology, that humans are attracted to vibrant, high-quality content. CGI technology has expanded the boundary of creative freedom allowing sellers to showcase ultra-realistic product imagery. With CGI, sellers are on the receiving end of top-notch imagery of their product offerings. Anything from fashion apparel, furniture to daily consumer products can be created with the help of this technology.

Interactive content on Ecommerce platforms amplifies the shopping experience for consumers.

Virtual and Augmented Reality is also changing the Ecommerce game. Sellers who have chosen to integrate these features into their online platforms have seen a major increase in engagement rate as well as their product sales. Let’s consider furniture sales and manufacturing brand looking to make a mark in the Ecommerce market and come across AR and VR technology; the idea is to use this technology to enable consumers to visualise products in their intended space and from all possible perspectives. It provides for a better viewing opportunity and also helps customers make appropriate buying decisions. The future of shopping is all about sitting back at the comfort of your home and using portable devices to make your purchases. Virtual try-on has also been on the rise. Sunglasses and spectacle sales brands offer customers the opportunity to virtually try-on their favorite shades through VR Technology.

The innovation of Ecommerce was to make it easier for both sellers and consumers when it comes to the whole sales and purchasing experience. The pandemic of Covid19 has certainly posed major challenges for businesses globally, with strict restrictions to protect the public at the safety of their homes and with the hold on travel as well as logistics many businesses have seen a decline in sales.

With the aim of not letting consumer’s unheard and catered for, businesses have adopted the Ecommerce space. To consider going online and to be able to obtain high-definition and quality imagery you must choose to work with an experienced image processor. Pikspire is one such renowned Image Editing and Creation solutions company that has made its mark by catering to clients across the globe and in maintaining consistency in their standard of work. They also specialize in Ecommerce image editing solutions and other creative services such as Shoot & Strip and Texture Wrapping that essentially makes it easier on their clients.