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Using Animations to elevate eCommerce website design

Businesses have evolved from time to time, adapting to the changes that every era brings. With the rise of the global pandemic and most of the brick and mortar stores remaining closed, a large number of people across the globe have made their shift from traditional retail to online shopping. Statistics suggest a 40% increase in online sales during the covid19 pandemic.

If you are a brand looking to go online or already have an online presence but don’t see enough traffic and engagement, here are some key aspects to look into in order to bring your business up to speed.

The use of animation to enhance your eCommerce sites

1. The use of GIF’s (Graphics Interchange Format)

What an animated GIF is, is that it’s a set of images stitched together in a particular sequence to replicate a video-like format. GIF’s have smaller file size, and they load relatively faster than a short video.

GIF’s are known to grab the attention of viewers and thus are considered an effective tool for marketing products online. However, the use of GIF’s is not necessarily suitable for all kinds of online marketing since they are limited to 256 colours, making it inappropriate for animations that need a smoother gradient as well as more colours. GIF’s do not include sound either and hence can’t be used for ads that require voice elaboration.

GIF’s are typically suitable for short promotional use.

2. Showcasing product variations and different colours

Animations have an innumerable set of applications, especially for a business that is involved in online sales of apparel and fashion. Animations can be used to highlight the different sets of colours available and the various other product options as well.

If your business has a wide range of product inventory to display, animations are the best way to run through all those products. Instead of creating large online galleries, a single animation can take the customers through each and every product.

3. Using animated videos to immerse your online store viewers

Immersive videos have proven to be the most effective method for showcasing products on eCommerce platforms. For websites that deal with real estate, hotel, and travel bookings, etc., the use of videos and 3D VR videos have shown an increase in the engagement rate as customers immersive themselves in the experience to discover more about the product.

Providing customers with an opportunity to view spaces and other products through virtual reality technology delivers a sophisticated brand experience.

4. The use of background videos

A soundless ambient video is another effective way to captivate the attention of your website viewers. A background video that is not too distracting and subtle is considered an excellent tool to engage the audience and help complement the core product itself.

5. Narrate a story with the help of an animation

When you choose to tell the story of your brand through a long, elaborate write-up on your page, be assured that a lot of your viewers will just walk past that. Instead, make an effort to put together an informative and creative video representing who you are as a business, your values, your journey, and your vision.

Creating short, concise animation videos about your brand is the best way to communicate to your audience.

6. Evoke an emotional response

While the purpose of animations might be purely decorative in nature, there still is an opportunity to evoke an emotional response towards the website. The idea is to create a visual interest among the viewers. A celebratory animation that appears as the customer completes a certain task on the website or moves to another page can make a positive impact on the mindset of the customer.

7. Making the buffer time engaging

It is noted that when the load times of a website take more than three seconds, visitors of the site tend to exit and move on. If your website is loaded with excessive animations and videos, it is sure to take longer to load. Hence, in order to make the waiting time interactive, it is best to use a lighter animation or interactive game on the buffer page.

The google web browser, while unable to load, provides a little game that can be played while the visitor waits for it to load. A similar form of interactive animations can help retain the audience on the website.

8. Content expansion and the addition of hover effect

The key to retaining your consumers also depends on the user experience you provide them through your website. An easy-to-use and navigate interface goes a long way in making an impact on your website viewers. The hover effect when the mouse is brought to the option might seem like a small animation effect but has a greater impact on the mindset of the user.

Expandable content is when the cursor is brought to a particular option, the viewer has the opportunity to view more information by either clicking or just hovering the mouse over it. This opens another section with more information pertaining to that particular option.

Such attention to detail animations is critical for brands to ensure a seamless browsing experience for consumers on their respective eCommerce sites.

It is of much necessity for brands to focus their attention on these above-mentioned aspects in order to refine their website interface and indulge their customers in buying experience. Animation technology has certainly come a long way and can now be optimized for eCommerce use across all platforms. Working with the team at Pikspire helps you as a brand focus on your success factors while the rest of your CGI and 3D work is carried out to perfection by them, so no more waiting around just, Think. Solve. Pikspire.