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Video Marketing – Creative & Effective


The world of business is dynamic and has come a long way. But there are certain factors that stay consistent. Video marketing is one such aspect. It’s doesn’t matter if you run a large-scale business or a small scale. The results video marketing brings are effective across the board.

Considering the times we live in, video marketing is effective now more than ever. More brands are realising the benefits of video marketing and implementing the same into their marketing processes. As per a survey, the use of video marketing has increased 41% since 2016 i.e., in the year 2020, around 86% of businesses have been using video marketing. If you are someone who is looking for the benefits and effectiveness of video marketing, you have come to the right place. In this read, we will delve in-depth into the reasons you should be adopting video marketing for your business.

To understand these aspects better, we shall look at six critical factors.

•   Video is certainly the most engaging form of content.
It is not easy to stay ahead of competitors in a highly saturated market. Even using paid ads for social media, brands of all sizes do often struggle to stand out from competitors. Paid ads do assure you that your brand appears on the news feeds of targeted customers but doesn’t guarantee that customers look or even pay attention to your ads.
With video ads, this can change. The highly engaging nature of videos can help you grab the attention of your prospective customers.
Let’s consider the following platforms to understand this better. Facebook is one among the largest social media platforms with 2.8 billion users as of 2021. As per a survey conducted by them, about 1.3 seconds are spent per post. People generally scroll the content without paying much attention to it. Using video to communicate your brand image can help crab customer attention.
Take Pinterest, for example; this platform may not have the same reach as Facebook but it is still considered an important platform for creative professionals. Although most of Pinterest content is static images, it now also allows short video clippings as well. The platform has witnessed a 240% hike in video pins in the year 2020. You can also use Google to optimize your video marketing efforts. If you put together a highly engaging video material and provided that it does well. The chances are high that the video shows up in search results on the top. Also, the view count generated, comments, upticks, and other factors can help your business attain more visibility online.

•   Video helps reduce ad spendings without really diminishing the results.
Using video for marketing can certainly help reduce advertising-related expenditure. It is considered a cost-effective method to promote your brand.
In comparison to Facebook, YouTube may not have as many active users yet continues to be the platform of choice for video marketing. Particularly if you are in the E-commerce business, YouTube offers new and exciting advertising opportunities to reach a larger audience.
Video ads have different forms. The two most commonly used are interactive ads and lead form. Running interactive ads under a video ad lets consumers view a list of products along with their prices. Consumers can scroll through and even make a purchase just with a few clicks.
A Lead form is considered to be a persuasive and engaging form of video ad. It prompts your prospective customer to take action by allowing them to sign up for a free service or to an event.

•   Video can help strengthen customer loyalty and trust.
In a dynamic business environment, trust and brand loyalty is an important asset for a brand. One way to foster trust through videos is to create Q&A videos. This format of videos allows your customers/audience to voice their concerns which in turn helps build trust and a stronger relationship.
With video marketing, humanizing your brand is the key. Putting a face to represent and showcase your brand can make it more relatable and authentic for consumers. Animated videos are also considered an effective way to communicate your product and service offering to customers.

•   Video increases social media engagement.
According to a study conducted by Wyzowl, around 91% of marketers see that video content is an essential medium of communicating, now more than ever due to Covid19. This is in line with consumer habits since about 96% of consumers have stated their increase in viewing video content during the pandemic.
On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the engagement rate through videos is are much higher in comparison to static images. Instagram has witnessed three times more engagement than sponsored images. Facebook has stated a 20-30% higher conversion rate through video ads in comparison to photos. Though videos fetch a higher engagement rate, it’s not necessary that all videos do extremely well. It all comes down to how the video is optimised to fit the preferences of users.

•   Live streaming videos help you connect with consumers from all over.
Live streaming has absolutely changed the way in which brands interact with their consumers. Apart from organic video content and ads, the use of live streaming simply enhances the interaction and relation between businesses and their consumers.
Live streaming is an effective marketing strategy. From industry experts to customers and more, you can live stream with anybody around the world and discuss important topics, listen to consumer queries and build a stronger relationship with them as well.

•   Videos can increase your brand’s search engine ranking.
By adding video content to your business website, encourages website visitors to stay longer. If your website is embedded with a video, it is 53 times more likely to appear on the top results of google search.
Websites with video content look more professional and also help boost sales.

In conclusion, video marketing continues to show great potential in connecting with the audience and also in representing your brand in unique and creative ways.