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Editing & Retouching

We understand that it is the image which does all the talking when a potential buyer is surfing through an e-commerce website. And as a seller, you want your image to be eloquent. Even the perfectly shot photographs of your products need Editing and HD Retouch in order to do the right talking. Befitting ambiences, sharp contours, loud details, soothing colors and pleasant lights can be pleasantly compelling.

Photo Realistic CGI

Photographing so many products can be a real pain; it takes time, resources, money, monitoring and lots more. Pikspire lets you think beyond photography – Photo Realistic CGI. Why sweat over perfecting photographs when we can create it for you? You give us a hat and we will give you a magician under it and a stage around. Or you can even forget the hat, just tell us the color of it.


We have something more to offer. We facilitate visualising in three dimensions. We believe that at times a great product demands to be free from the limitations of showing itself off in just two dimensions.

Texture Wrapping

One image can lead to the genesis of a hundred more. Multiple SKUs in your inventory might have same texture or design but a different color. This entails multiple shoots for a single product with a host of variants. Let’s eliminate this herculean effort! With just one photoshoot, our texture cloak service creates visual extensions of your product with minimal effort and substantial reduction in the cost.
Sounds like a magic wand, doesn’t it?

Shoot & Strip

A new product launch invariably needs you to prepare for intensive photoshoots and coordination with models. Imagine if this step is eliminated and the final output is still as pristine? No, you’re not daydreaming, we can make it happen for you. With previous photo-shoots of the model and the mannequin draped with the new apparel, we deconstruct the textile elements and adapt it a new.
We bet you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Who We Are

To keep viewers hooked to your eCommerce site, you need rich visual content, lots of them!

We at Pikspire are a team of enthusiastic, creative, and motivated individuals who consistently strive for perfection in our work. From image editing to high-end retouching, from 3D models to high-end CGI, we provide a comprehensive package of solutions to make sure your storefronts keep shining forever.