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The Curious Case of the Instagram Aesthetic
Instagram is a cultural phenomenon, and certainly the social media game-changer of the 2010s. Now boasting at over one billion accounts and rising, Instagram has evolved from a simple photo sharing
VR Photography
Virtual Reality has long been hailed as the future of AV content. This loosely used term refers to any computer generated, immersive experience that is sufficiently realistic to simulate reality. By
Unified Photo Editors- The Future of Photo Editing?
The Diversity of Choice- how much is too much? The invention of sophisticated photo editor software changed photography forever. Digitally enhanced/corrected/manipulated photographs were no longer
Top 3 Photography Trends to Expect in 2020
The culture of recording one’s life, from birth till death and from lifestyle to politics is everywhere. This is evident in the number of photos taken each year, with over 1 trillion photos taken
5 Things Instagram taught professional photographers in 2019
2020 is here. Even as we look ahead towards another year of innovation on Instagram, we take a moment to look back at the things that made us sit up and take notice in 2019. From the rise of video
How to remove Color Cast from Photos/Images?
A little color cast can actually look good in some images (like a warm orange radiance on a sunset image) however, it’s always better to add this manually in the post-processing or to purposefully
All about PDQ
In 2015, a study was conducted by Microsoft to understand the influence of a more and more digitized lifestyle on human brains. Out of the surveys that were conducted and the EEG data that were
GIF, an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format, is a commonly used file on the internet, besides other file formats like JPGs and PNG. GIF files use a lossless data compression method, which shrinks
Fur Mask
Photoshop provides several tools, which make cropping an object out of an image really easy until you reach the fur or hair. Have you ever wondered how to cut out furry animals or how to cut hair in
Creative Shadow
Raw images may perhaps not satisfy your need in the digital world. They may need a few extra elements to catch the attention of people. Creating and adding a shadow to your image can enhance it