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5 Key attributes for a successful E-commerce customer experience

Your customers value the relationship that they create with your brand. It is this bond that helps in retention and satisfaction. The trick is to anticipate their needs and deliver easy memorable experiences. It is not just a transaction; it is an experience that they fall in love with!
Nowadays, e-commerce has become the centre of how business relationships are nurtured as well as lost. It is a brand’s online presence where the relationship with the customers is first made.
In order to become a digital-first business, a great customer experience is essential. Companies that do not focus on creating the same will struggle to survive. eCommerce customer experience is rapidly becoming a great differentiator.

1. AR
Comfort and efficiency have become critical factors in the e-commerce space, and the impact VR and AR have had on e-commerce brings convenience to consumers and retailers as well. Moreover, it drastically cuts down the time spent on searching products, making payments and also allows people to accomplish a host of tasks within the given time frame. The ability to visualize a product of their choice makes the saying “try before you buy.” more appropriate. AR and VR enable customers to know if their purchases are the perfect match to what they need.

2. Images
Images are responsible for inviting a customer, and a successful image can get the customer to click and finalize their purchase. A good product picture allows the customer to have an idea if the product will adapt to their needs and if it will meet their expectations. Consumers remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. Pretty images don’t just draw their attention but also retain it and gives them an idea of what they exactly are going to buy.

3. Pre-Purchase Experience
This begins the moment someone notices your brand. From that point on, everything that does (or does not) happen between them and your brand is considered part of the customer experience. If you can make your brand’s value clear to even the most mildly interested prospect, you stand a higher chance of converting them in the near future. Be it a banner image or a write-up on the website, for a customer; the pre-purchase experience needs to answer some key questions, such as:
● What does your brand offer?
● What’s in it for me?
● What are my options?

4. Delivery Feedback
Delivery is not just about making sure the parcel reaches the customer. Delivery also consists of communication of each step of the process – packaging, shipping postman pickup, etc. Businesses can expand the customer relationship with punctual delivery, good reputation, and satisfaction. They will keep using the delivery service continuously due to the first impression being established well. Therefore, the customers will want to switch their purchasing power to the trusted business, and even new customers will do so.

5. Customer Relationship Management
Using good CRM software helps through automation and make informed decisions to increase your ROI. When a customer query is entered on your website, it gets spread across multiple support representatives, which can be frustrating. And may not be adequately answered. It enables you to stay connected to your customers’ queries and streamline the process. Of course, just collecting queries isn’t a viable customer success tactic. You’ll need to provide the right answers to customer queries.

The world is changing, tastes and preferences are changing. People are opting for e-commerce more and more. This shift in the industry preference opens up tremendous opportunities. An opportunity for invention, growth, and employment. At Pikspire, you can get help with many of the factors that can help improve your customer experience and help you develop a relationship with your customers.