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Email Campaign – An Essential Marketing Approach

In the field of marketing, the approaches that exist are numerous. You can choose to showcase your service or product to the market in any form or method you consider most effective. Of the many creative approaches, an Email Campaign remains to be one of the most effective approaches to marketing. In the recent times of social media marketing and other forms of video marketing, one might wonder about the effectiveness of email marketing, and that’s exactly what we will look into in this article.

In order to understand the importance of an email campaign, here are 9 points to look into.

1. Stay connected with your audience.
Consumers tend to keep checking their emails as, and when it is required, this way, businesses can inform their consumers about their services and product offerings through email campaigns. A simple “Hi, we are thinking about you! or “Hey, here’s a special offer for you! mails like these connect with consumers and help improve engagement rates with customers.

2. Reaching customers in real-time.
According to a survey conducted by litmus, around 54% of emails are accessed through mobile devices. This information is critical for brands while planning their email marketing campaigns and helps optimize their opportunity for effective marketing. A perfectly designed email results in a higher rate of conversion through mobile devices.

3. Customers engage with emails.
Email as a tool has been used for over 40 years to receive and send information. Customers interact with email, one way or the other. Either forward, reply, sign up or even delete. Knowing that consumers do interact with emails, gives businesses an opportunity to use this medium of marketing effectively and convert to maximum sales. Recent statistics even stated that over 25% of sales were generated through email marketing.

4. Easily measurable
A lot of different types of email marketing tools provide tracking features and other important details related to the emails that have been sent during the marketing campaign. Various aspects such click-through rate, bounce rate, delivery rates, subscribe, and unsubscribe can also be assessed. These details are vital to understand how your email campaigns are working and what can be improved. All of these metrices, if evaluated meticulously, can help in better marketing decisions.

5. An affordable approach to marketing
Email is undoubtedly one of the most cost effective marketing approaches. You can reach millions of people with less than a penny spent on each message. Various different email marketing companies provide comprehensive packages that are affordable for even small scale businesses. The return on investments is certainly of great margin.

6. Targeted marketing or messaging is possible.
Every customer is at a different stage in the buying cycle, therefore, targeting them with the appropriate email messages is necessary. This concept of email lead marketing is crucial for businesses to improve their customer engagement, not only that, but targeting these customers specifically and creating segmented marketing lists helps businesses cater to them more effectively as well.

Customers require information to move forward in the buying process; therefore pushing the appropriate content is crucial.

7. It helps increase brand awareness
Yes! Social media platforms are not the only avenue to increase brand awareness. Emails are one of the most effective ways of doing the same. Having a prospective customers/customers email ID says one thing; that is, they have shown interest in your business. Email campaigning helps you as a business to peak that interest level in customers by catering to their information requirements promptly through creative emailers.
This does not mean overwhelming consumers with heaps of mail. It’s about being consistent yet not overburdening to the customers, to drive them to hate your brand. The idea to increase brand awareness through emailers is more important than using it to sell the product. Talk about your business, let them know how you are, what you offer, your vision, make them fall in love with the brand.

8. Its time effective
Off course, one of the benefits of email campaigning is to help sell your products, provided that you approach them in the right manner. Wishing customers on their birthday and providing them birthday offers or letting them know that their favourite dish is for half the prices is more effective than sending them the menu
You can also use this strategy to promote seasonal offers, holiday specials, and festive offers as well.

9. Almost everyone has and uses their email.
According to a survey by HubSpot, around 91% of customers use email. That staggering figure is good enough to encourage you to use this medium for marketing purposes. Email marketing certainly provides an incredible avenue to reach customers across the global market.

Though new methods for marketing and sales have been adopted by businesses, the use of email certainly is not to be forgotten. Email campaigns have proven effective in converting multiple prospects into sales. Using the right content and graphics are essential to capture the interest of consumers. Working with experts in this field is always considered the right choice. Pikspire specializes in creating unique and captivating graphic content for emailers and other platforms as well.