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Interactive and Immersive content the key to consumer engagement

What’s the fun when you just get to stare at an image, right? We now can do more than just stare at an image and have a whole experience with it. From marketing to sales, the use of interactive content has seen a gradual increase in use. What’s been missing from the online shopping/eCommerce experience was the ability to interact with the product imagery. The touch and feel aspect of online shopping doesn’t exist in any way, and yet it always has been a challenge to engage customers in the eCommerce experience; that’s where 3D technology and CGI have made their mark.

Marketers over the years have resorted to a range of creative methods to reach their potential customers. There are a number of positive psychological impacts that are caused as a result of using effective marketing approaches. One such modern and effective approach has been to incorporate interactive and immersive content into the process. Interactive content may be of various forms such as video, 360-degree imagery, AR, and VR content as well. In the eCommerce space, the significance of product imagery need not be elaborated as it is the first sight of impact for customers. The quality of product imagery is one such factor that determines the possible rate of conversion into a sale, and hence to amplify the experience for customers incorporating immersive content enabled through CGI technology has been the modern approach.

Interactive and Immersive content for eCommerce use:

  • 360 Degree Product Image
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality

360 Degree Product Image

360 Turntable images of your product help showcase the product from all angles, providing a better perspective to customers. This is an effective approach to displaying products online and engages customers in their shopping experience.

Augmented Reality

AR technology has had a major impact on the online retail sector. Various different product manufacturers have adopted AR technology in showcasing their products on eCommerce platforms. The technology allows for the product to be viewed in any given space through an AR-compatible device.

Augmented Reality has helped boost sales and engagement rates in various different retail sectors. Furniture companies are seeing an increase in the use of AR technology to display their products.

Virtual Reality

To view products in the virtual space is an experience on its own. Virtual-try-on is becoming increasingly popular in online retail. From makeup products to sunglasses, brands have adopted Virtual Reality to help consumers try on products where ever they are through easy-to-use interfaces.

With innovation comes changes and benefits. The use of interactive and immersive content has a host of advantages for consumers and retailers as well:

  • Consumer engagement rate is higher with the use of interactive content. Though the level of interaction may be limited, it still provides for a better opportunity to know the product in comparison to a still image.
  • The data obtained through interactive content is also more in comparison to the use of regular content.
  • An opportunity for increased brand loyalty is also observed through the use of interactive content. Consumers may feel a sense of ease and attachment towards the brand by immersing themselves in the shopping experience.
  • Consumer confidence also tends to increase when the content is interactive, immersive, and informative in nature. The more you understand the product, the easier your decision-making is.

These are some of the highlighted benefits of interactive content use observed in today’s time.

With growing awareness of the benefits of interactive content, brands across the globe are working towards incorporating them into their business processes. The development and implementation of such high-quality, precision content require years of experience, expertise, and technological resources to bring that vision into digital reality. Pikspire has built its reputation around its top-notch imagery solutions catering to requirements ranging from photorealistic CGI to high-end retouching. The team at Pikspire combine creativity and technology to produce content that would not only engage your customers but also help improve brand awareness and provide for a seamless eCommerce experience.